Haya Cultural Centre


Designed especially for children, this centre has a library, a playground, an interactive ecomuseum and an inflatable castle. It also organises regular activities and theatre, puppet and music performances for kids.

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1. King Abdullah Mosque


Completed in 1989 as a memorial by the late King Hussein to his grandfather, this blue-domed landmark can house up to 7000 worshippers, with a further…

2. Luna Park

1.13 MILES

Rides and amusements for the kids, including Ferris wheels, teacup rides and pedalos.

3. Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts

1.19 MILES

This small but impressive gallery is a wonderful place to gain an appreciation of contemporary Jordanian painting, sculpture and pottery. The attractive…

4. Martyr's Monument Museum

1.63 MILES

The simple and solemn Martyr’s Monument Museum houses a small but interesting collection of documents, chronicling Jordan’s recent military history…

5. Darat Al Funun

2.16 MILES

On the hillside to the north of the downtown area, this cultural haven is dedicated to contemporary art. The main building features an excellent art…

6. Jordan Museum

2.19 MILES

The Jordan Museum, located next to the City Hall, is one of the best in the Middle East. Housed in a grand modern building, a series of beautifully…

7. Rainbow Street

2.21 MILES

This street in Jebel Amman is a destination in itself. Ammanis come here every evening to promenade and to visit the many great cafes and restaurants – to…

8. Byzantine Basilica

2.32 MILES

Near the Citadel's archaeological museum is the small Byzantine Basilica, most of which has been destroyed by earthquakes. It dates from the 6th or 7th…