Amman, Jordan – February 21, 2011: A Mercedes Benz Mclaren stirling moss in Royal automotive museum.
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©Ayman alakhras/Shutterstock

Royal Automobile Museum

Top choice in Amman

You really don't have to be a car enthusiast to enjoy this museum, which displays more than 70 classic cars and motorbikes from the personal collection of King Hussein. It's something of a gem, and a great way to recount the story of modern Jordan. Vehicles range from pre-1950s glories to modern sports cars, taking in chrome-clad American cruisers to regal Rolls-Royces along the way, with accounts of presidential visits, Hollywood stars and defunct Middle Eastern monarchies enlivening the narrative.

The final display of suitably dusty rally cars is a neat rejoinder to the polish and chrome of the rest of the vehicles, while outside Matt Damon's ruggedly cool Martian rover from The Martian (filmed in Wadi Rum) gives a vision of possible future road trips. The museum is in the northwestern suburbs, north of 8th Circle.

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