Enoura Observatory


Book well in advance to be sure of securing a ticket to view this extraordinary art, architecture and performing arts complex overlooking scenic Sagami Bay. A passion project of the artist Sugimoto Hiroshi, the Observatory showcase some of his beguiling seascape photography as well as his incredible collection of ancient stones, fossils and traditional architectural elements. Entry is limited to either the morning or afternoon session and there is a free transfer bus from Nebukawa station.

You are free to wander the grounds, which include a bamboo forest, orange grove and traditional teahouse. Two of the buildings – a 100m-long gallery and a tunnel clad in weathered steel – are aligned with the rising sun for, respectively, the summer and winter solstice. There's also two outdoor stages – one stone, the other paved with optical glass and surrounded by a full-sized recreation of a Roman ampitheatre – that are used for occasional events such as plays; check the website for further details.

There is no cafe here, but it is a lovely place to linger, so bring a packed lunch with you.

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