Fuji Sengen-jinja

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A necessary preliminary to the Mt Fuji ascent is a visit to this atmospheric shrine (8th century, rebuilt 1800s) dedicated to Sakuya-hime, the goddess of the mountain. An avenue of towering cedars leads to the main gate, which is rebuilt every 60 years (slightly larger each time); and its two one-tonne mikoshi (portable shrines), used in the annual Yoshida no Himatsuri festival. From Fujisan Station it's a 20-minute uphill walk, or take a bus to Sengen-jinja-mae (¥150, five minutes).

The wooden torii (gate) at the rear of the shrine is the original trailhead (station 0) of the Yoshida pilgrimage up Mt Fuji (called the Yoshidaguchi Trail), though nowadays nearly all climbers halve the distance by starting their ascent at the fifth station.

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