Onshi Hakone Kōen


Occupying a peninsula on Ashino-ko, this scenic park was formerly the grounds of an imperial summer retreat. The 'Lakeside Panorama Pavilion', said to offer Hakone's finest view of Mt Fuji, was built just behind the original palace building (destroyed in the Great Kanto Earthquake, but the foundations are still visible). Stop by for drinks and vistas.

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1. Hakone Sekisho

0.22 MILES

You're free to walk through this 2007 reconstruction of the feudal-era checkpoint on the Old Tōkaidō Highway, but if you want to enter any of the…

2. Ashi-no-ko

0.36 MILES

Cobalt-blue crater-lake Ashi-no-ko was created by an eruption of Hakone-yama nearly 3000 years ago. It's famous for the view of Mt Fuji, reflected on the…

3. Narukawa Art Museum


Art comes in two forms here – in the exquisite Japanese-style paintings, nihonga, on display, and in the stunning Mt Fuji views from the panorama lounge…

4. Hakone-jinja

0.59 MILES

Hakone-jinja, established in the 8th century, is set in the woods above Ashi-no-ko, but its red torii (shrine gate) is right on the water – and very…

5. Okada Museum of Art

3.12 MILES

This mammoth museum showcases the dazzling Japanese, Chinese and Korean art treasures of industrialist Okada Kazuo. You could easily spend hours…

6. Hakone Geomuseum

3.29 MILES

In the complex opposite the Ōwakudani ropeway station, this interactive natural history exhibit is a fun way to learn about the volcanic forces that…

7. Ōwakudani

3.31 MILES

The 'Great Boiling Valley' was created 3000 years ago when Kami-yama erupted and collapsed, also forming Ashino-ko. Hydrogen sulphide steams from the…

8. Hakone Ropeway


The Hakone Ropeway is a 30-minute, 4km gondola ride, taking travellers to Tōgendai from Sōun-zan. It glides over the steaming crater of Ōwakudani, one of…