Mayfield Falls

Top choice in Negril & West Coast

Few of Jamaica's waterfall experiences match Mayfield Falls for crowd-free natural beauty. Picture this: you climb into the cool river beneath giant thickets of bamboo and scramble upstream for around 40 minutes, swim through an underwater tunnel, jump into the deeper pools, then sit bubbling in the froth of a natural Jacuzzi, letting the 'washing machine' falls pound your shoulders. Arrive by potholed roads from Sav-la-Mar via Williamsfield and Grange, or via Cascade or Lucea Harbour from the A1.

The entrance area to the falls has been sensitively developed, with a changing area, lockers (US$5), water-shoe rental (US$7), a good restaurant (mains US$12 to US$18) and excellent guides who earn money from your tips and who are on hand to help you up the river and take photos of you.

Refrain from wearing sunscreen and bug repellent when swimming in the river.

None of the roads leading here are terribly well signposted, but the falls are not difficult to find. Some of the potholes are the size of Cleveland, but a regular car will get you there provided you take it slowly. Some tour companies run trips here from Montego Bay and Negril.

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