Negril & West Coast

On the headland beyond the parish church is Rusea High School, a venerable Georgian-style redbrick building constructed in 1843 as an army barracks. The overgrown remains of Fort Charlotte overlook the channel a short distance beyond Rusea High School. It’s named after Queen Charlotte, wife of King George III of England. The octagonal fortress still boasts cannons in its embrasures.

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1. Hanover Parish Church

0.19 MILES

This church – established in 1725 – has several interesting monuments, one being a section of the walled cemetery with several surviving graves that…

2. Sir Alexander Bustamante Square

0.59 MILES

Bustamante Square is centered on a small fountain fronting the handsome former courthouse (now housing the Hanover Parish Council). Note the vintage 1932…

3. Sir Alexander Bustamante Museum

3.89 MILES

Tiny Blenheim is the birthplace of national hero Alexander Bustamante, labor union hero and independent Jamaica’s first prime minister. ‘Busta’ is honored…

4. Tryall Estate

7.38 MILES

The ruins of the Tryall Estate sugar plantation lie 5km west of Hopewell. Much of the estate, including the huge Tryall Water Wheel that drove the cane…

5. Mayfield Falls

8.61 MILES

Few of Jamaica's waterfall experiences match Mayfield Falls for crowd-free natural beauty. Picture this: you climb into the cool river beneath giant…

6. Half Moon Beach

9.63 MILES

Around 12km north of Negril, Half Moon Beach is a beautiful, hassle-free stretch of sand beloved by locals and families, with calm, shallow water. On…

7. Rhodes Hall Plantation

10.18 MILES

Around 10km northeast of Negril, this picturesque 220-hectare fruit-and-coconut plantation backs a small, attractive beach where hot mineral springs…

8. Frome Sugar Factory

10.93 MILES

Constructed in 1938, this historic factory was the setting for a nationwide labor dispute that ended in violence, tragedy and the transformation of…