Rhodes Hall Plantation

Negril & West Coast

Around 10km northeast of Negril, this picturesque 220-hectare fruit-and-coconut plantation backs a small, attractive beach where hot mineral springs bubble up. Numerous attractions are on offer here, from a walking tour through the pristine coastal mangroves in search of crocodiles (US$30) and excursions to a nearby Arawak cave (US$40), to horseback rides through the lush, hilly countryside (US$70 for 1½ hours) and glass-bottom-boat outings to the offshore reef for snorkeling (US$40).

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1. Half Moon Beach

0.78 MILES

Around 12km north of Negril, Half Moon Beach is a beautiful, hassle-free stretch of sand beloved by locals and families, with calm, shallow water. On…

2. Bloody Bay Beach

3.43 MILES

A splendid option in between two large all-inclusives, with no facilities and few people, save for a few savvy travelers and a smattering of locals…

3. Kool Runnings Adventure Park


If you prefer your water fun doled out in a theme park, descend on this 2-hectare collection of different experiences, from the main water park with flume…

4. Seven Mile Beach

4.18 MILES

Seven Mile Beach was initially touted on tourism posters as ‘seven miles of nothing but you and the sea.’ True, sunbathers still lie half submerged in the…

5. Long Bay Beach Park

4.37 MILES

Toward the north end of Seven Mile Beach, this beach is more peaceful and far less crowded than the sand further south. Here you’ll find more sugary sand…

6. Sir Alexander Bustamante Museum


Tiny Blenheim is the birthplace of national hero Alexander Bustamante, labor union hero and independent Jamaica’s first prime minister. ‘Busta’ is honored…

7. Royal Palm Reserve

6.67 MILES

Officially closed to the public, the 289-acre Royal Palm Reserve stretches along the southern side of the Great Morass, and consists of three distinct…

8. Negril Hills

8.47 MILES

This range of low-lying hills rises inland of Negril’s West End. The raised limestone upland is wild and smothered in brush. Tiny hamlets sprinkle the…