Indigenous Rastafarian Village

Montego Bay

If you want to learn about the Rastafarian movement, come out to this…hmmm...‘theme park’ is definitely not the right description. How about ‘living interpretive exhibit'? There’s not exactly a natural mystic floating in the air, but this ‘village’ is still a good introduction to Jamaica’s most-famous indigenous religion. If coming from downtown MoBay, head south on Barnett St and then drive east along Fairfield Rd for around 5km. Book your visit in advance.

You’ll be taken through a pretty, jungly settlement, shown medicinal plants (not what you’re thinking) and given a coherent breakdown of what the Rasta faith traditionally believed in. As most travelers don’t learn much about Rastafarians past the ramblings of dreadlocked hustlers, this is a pretty valuable experience, and the all-day tour includes some lovely treks into the surrounding countryside, complete with swimming in paradisiacal natural pools.