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For years Italophiles have waxed lyrical about Tuscany's natural, artistic and culinary wonders, without so much as a passing nod to its neighbours, Umbria and Le Marche. How they have missed out! This phenomenally beautiful yet unsung region is Italy in microcosm: olive groves, vineyards, sun-ripened wheat fields stippled with wildflowers and hills plumed with cypress trees rolling gently west to the snow-dusted... Read More

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$532 Small group tours

3-Day Amazon Jungle Adventure from Iquitos

Depart from the port by fast boat for a 3-hour ride traversing the Amazon river to reach the jungle lodge. On this three day adventure you will look for different monkey and bird species, see caimans, different mammals and enjoy the amazing flora and huge ceiba trees of the jungle. You will have activities such as catching fish, night walks and swimming close to pink and gray dolphins.

$693 Small group tours

4-Day Amazon Jungle Adventure from Iquitos

Depart from the port by fast boat for a 3-hour ride traversing the Amazon river to reach the jungle lodge. On this adventure you will visit lake Sapote, go on a boat safari to see caimans, catch fish, go on a night-walk to search for huge frogs and nocturnal jungle animals and take a 5-hour nature hike into the jungle to visit local villages and immerse yourself in nature, among many other activities!

$1490 Small group tours

8-Day Camping and River Cruise in Pacaya-Samiria National Reserve

The Pacaya-Samiria National Reserve is located in the province of Loreto, between the Marañón and Ucayali rivers. This 8-day, private tour will cover a great portion of the reserve by water and hiking on land. You will spend your nights in tents and rustic lodges, allowing you to get up close and personal with nature. You will see pink dolphins, monkeys, capybaras, sloths, and multiple types of birds, among other species.

$265.33 Small group tours

2-Day Maniti Eco-Lodge Jungle Adventure from Iquitos

This 2-day Iquitos jungle tour is perfect for anyone traveling to Iquitos, Peru on a tight schedule. Maybe you just want to get a taste of the jungle and don’t have a lot of time? This expedition is packed with a variety of our most popular activities including: visit to “Monkey Island”, freshwater dolphin spotting, canoe rides, night time caiman excursion and visit to Belen! A great option for anybody who doesn’t have much time but is looking for an authentic Iquitos jungle tour.

$412 Small group tours

3-Day Maniti Eco-Lodge Amazon Experience from Iquitos

This 3 day & 2 night Iquitos Peru rainforest tour is geared for people who are really interested in seeing culture along with wildlife but also want the comfort of a jungle lodge in Iquitos. This expedition is full of our most popular activities including: visit to monkey island, anaconda holding, dolphin spotting, rain forest hiking, piranha fishing, night caiman excursion, birding excursions, canoe rides, and visits with native Amazonian tribes.

$459 Small group tours

3-Day Wildlife Observation Tour at Tamshiyacu Reserve with Curassow Amazon Lodge

This 3-day tour explores the Tamshiyacu Tahuayo Natural Reserve, one of the best spots in the Amazon rainforest to such as river dolphins, monkeys, sloths, birds, alligators, and more in their natural habitats. Your English/Spanish speaking guide will take you into virgin jungle far from Iquitos, Peru. This all-inclusive tour combines nature and wildlife with a rooms at the jungle Ecolodge with facilities as private rooms, private bathrooms, 24-hour cold water shower, toilet and electricity provided by solar panels that allows you to charge your cameras' batteries.