Villa Borghese

Park in Villa Borghese & Northern Rome

Locals, lovers, tourists, joggers – no one can resist the lure of Rome's most celebrated park. Originally the 17th-century estate of Cardinal Scipione Borghese, it covers about 80 hectares of wooded glades, gardens and grassy banks. Among its attractions are several excellent museums, the landscaped Giardino del Lago, Piazza di Siena, a dusty arena used for Rome’s top equestrian event in May, and a panoramic terrace on the Pincio Hill.

Film buffs should head to the area around the Piazzale San Paolo del Brasile entrance, where the Casa del Cinema hosts regular film-related events, and the Cinema dei Piccoli is one of the world’s smallest cinemas.

Bike hire is available at various points, including Largo Pablo Picasso, for €5/15 per hour/day.