Dr Graham’s Home


This orphanage and school was built in 1900 by Dr JA Graham, a Scottish missionary, to educate children of tea-estate workers, and now has 1300-odd students. The grounds are only open to visitors outside school hours, except for the museum that commemorates Graham and his wife, Katherine. The 1925 chapel seems lifted straight out of a Scottish parish, with its grey slate, spire and fine stained-glass windows.

The gate is 4km northeast of the town centre, on the lower slopes of Deolo Hill. You can visit on the way to or back from the hilltop, or charter a taxi to get here (₹150) and then walk back to town via Tharpa Choling Gompa and the Himalayan Handmade Paper Industry workshop. Sporadic shared minivans (₹30) to Deolo village from the Home Stand in town will stop here.

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