Buddha Park

Top choice in Sikkim

With a breathtaking backdrop of Himalayan peaks, the gigantic, 41m-tall Buddha statue is one of Sikkim's most iconic sights. Finished in 2013, it's beautifully set in a large area of manicured lawns with piped mantra music adding a meditative atmosphere. Inside the huge plinth, a spiral gallery showcases scenes from the Buddha's life, wrapping around an inner cylinder of murals containing holy relics from 11 countries.

The site is 1.8km along the Ralang road from central Ravangla (₹100 by taxi). Walking back takes barely 15 minutes if you use the short cut near the washrooms (gate is exit only), cutting through the photogenic Mane Choekhorling monastery complex and down a stairway that brings you out beside Hotel Rock Vill at the west end of Main Bazaar.

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