Singalila National Park

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Singalila National Park covers the Indian side of the scenic Singalila Ridge, the Darjeeling region's finest trekking area, along the India–Nepal border west of Darjeeling. As well as providing fantastic views of the eastern Himalaya, the park is home to extensive rhododendron forests, a gorgeous site when blooming in late April and May. The most used park entry point is near Tumling, on the road from Mane Bhanjang, 25km from Darjeeling, to Sandakphu.

A local guide (per day per Indian/foreign group ₹1000/1300) or porter (per day ₹1000) is obligatory within the park (unless you come with a Forest Department–authorised guide from Darjeeling) and can be arranged at the Highlander Guides & Porters Welfare Association in Mane Bhanjang. Bring your passport as you’ll have to register at a Frontier Check Post in Mane Bhanjang and probably show it elsewhere too. Jeep transport within the national park is available from the Singalila Land Rover Owner’s Welfare Association in Mane Bhanjang.

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