Chambal Gardens


Kota is surprisingly blessed with gardens. Chambal Gardens are on the riverbank south of the fort from where you can take boat trips.

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Nearby Rajasthan attractions

1. City Palace

0.89 MILES

The City Palace, and the fort that surrounds it, make up one of the largest such complexes in Rajasthan. This was the royal residence and centre of power,…

2. Kishore Sagar

1.94 MILES

This picturesque artificial lake was constructed in 1346. In the middle, on a small island amid palm trees, is the enchanting little tangerine palace of…

3. Chhattar Bilas Gardens

2.43 MILES

Just north of Kishore Sagar, next to the tourist office, these gardens contain the Kshar Bagh, a collection of overgrown but impressive royal cenotaphs…

4. Brij Vilas Bhavan Museum

2.62 MILES

This small, run-down government museum, just north of Kishore Sagar, has a collection of 9th- to 12th-century stone idols and other sculptural fragments …

5. Baroli Temples

20.33 MILES

The main edifice of this temple complex is the Ghateshvara Temple, which features a hall of impressive columns and a finely carved sikhara (temple spire)…

6. 84-Pillared Cenotaph

21.5 MILES

Towards the southern edge of town, this cenotaph, set in gardens just off the Kota road, is particularly stunning when lit up at night. It was built to…

7. Raniji-ki-Baori

22.31 MILES

This is the most impressive and cared-for baori (step-well) in Bundi. It is 46m deep and decorated with sinuous carvings, including the avatars of Lord…

8. Nagar Sagar Kund

22.41 MILES

These twin step-wells in the centre of the market are impressive architecturally, but unfortunately are not kept clean.