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Within the Bundi Palace complex is the Chitrasala, a small 18th-century palace built by Rao Ummed Singh. To find it, exit through the palace’s Hathi Pol (Elephant Gate) and walk around the corner uphill. Above the palace’s garden courtyard are several rooms covered in beautiful paintings. There are some great Krishna images, including a detail of him sitting up a tree playing the flute after stealing the clothes of the gopis (milkmaids).

The back room to the right is the Sheesh Mahal, badly damaged but still featuring some beautiful inlaid glass, while back in the front room there’s an image of 18th-century Bundi itself.

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Nearby Bundi attractions

1. Bundi Palace

0.02 MILES

This extraordinary, partly decaying edifice – described by Rudyard Kipling as ‘the work of goblins rather than of men’ – almost seems to grow out of the…

2. Haveli Braj Bhushanjee

0.11 MILES

This heritage haveli (traditional, ornately decorated residence) belongs to the descendants of a former prime minister of Bundi and is a home and a hotel…

3. Taragarh


This ramshackle, partly overgrown 14th-century fort, on the hilltop above Bundi Palace, is a wonderful place to ramble around – but take a stick to battle…

4. Old City

0.38 MILES

It’s great to explore the ancient winding streets, gateways and bazaars of the old city, as well as the more touristic Balchand Para area below the palace…

5. Sukh Mahal

0.47 MILES

The Sukh Mahal is a small summer palace where Rudyard Kipling once stayed and wrote part of Kim. It contains a small museum (Indian/foreigner ₹20/100)…

6. Nagar Sagar Kund

0.55 MILES

These twin step-wells in the centre of the market are impressive architecturally, but unfortunately are not kept clean.

7. Jait Sagar

0.58 MILES

Round the far side of Taragarh, about 2km north from the centre of town, this picturesque, 1.5km-long lake is flanked by hills and strewn with pretty…

8. Raniji-ki-Baori

0.66 MILES

This is the most impressive and cared-for baori (step-well) in Bundi. It is 46m deep and decorated with sinuous carvings, including the avatars of Lord…