Nehru Park


On the edge of the diplomatic enclave, this 85-acre park, popular with joggers, has gently rolling lawns and is a calm place to unwind away from the hubbub, or to picnic with friends. In the centre is a 1987 statue of Lenin, revealing India’s political sympathies during the Cold War.

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1. National Rail Museum

0.85 MILES

A contender for one of Delhi's most enjoyable museums, the National Rail Museum has steam locos and carriages spread across 11 acres. Among the venerable…

2. Nehru Planetarium

0.92 MILES

One of the five Nehru planetariums across India established to educate about the solar system; there are shows in English and Hindi.

3. Nehru Memorial Museum

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Built for the British commander-in-chief and previously called 'Flagstaff House', the stately Teen Murti Bhavan was later the official residence of…

4. Indira Gandhi Memorial Museum

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5. Safdarjang’s Tomb

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6. Gandhi Smriti

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Delhi's loveliest escape was originally named after the wife of the British Resident, Lady Willingdon, who had two villages cleared in 1936 in order to…