Mosque Church

Top choice mosque in Pécs

Image by gashgeron Getty Images

The largest building from the time of the Turkish occupation, the former Pasha Gazi Kassim Mosque (now the Inner Town Parish Church) dominates the main square in Pécs. Turks built the square mosque in the mid-16th century with the stones of the ruined Gothic Church of St Bertalan. The Catholics moved back in the early 18th century. The Islamic elements include windows with distinctive Turkish ogee arches, a mihrab (prayer niche), faded verses from the Koran and lovely geometric frescoes.

In the mazelike basement the remains of the six martyrs are interred, as well as the more recent remains of the city's more illustrious citizens. The painting above the gallery depicts the Turks' defeat. The mosque’s minaret was pulled down in 1753 and replaced with a bell tower; bells are rung at noon and 7pm.