Before WWII Keszthely’s Jewish community numbered 1000; at the end of the war it had dropped to 170. Today less than 40 Jews live in the town and attend services at the 18th-century baroque synagogue, located in a quiet courtyard off Kossuth Lajos utca (enter through the arched passageway just south of Fejér György utca). Visits to the synagogue and the Biblical Plant Garden are only possible during service times.

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Nearby Keszthely attractions

1. Erotic Panoptikum

0.06 MILES

Full disclosure: this is an X-rated wax museum. Kind of tacky – yes. Fascinating – absolutely. The tiny subterranean space brings to 'life' lust and sex…

2. Torture Museum

0.07 MILES

Complete with buckets of fake blood and distressed-looking mannequins demonstrating various forms of medieval torture, this small museum also features…

3. Museum of Historical Wax Figures

0.07 MILES

This is a surprisingly fun way to acquaint yourself with the who's who of Hungary's rulers, poets, clerics and military commanders. The eclectic…

4. Toy Museum

0.08 MILES

Depending on what generation you're from, the exhibits at this wonderful place will either make you smile in remembrance or gawp in fascination. Ye olde…

5. Snail Parliament

0.08 MILES

What do you get when you take one woman's obsession, 14 years of loving labour, and 4.5 million snail shells? A 7m by 2.5m scale model of Budapest's…

6. Doll Museum

0.08 MILES

This surprisingly absorbing museum showcases two floors' worth of dolls dressed in folk costumes from all parts of Hungary. On the ground floor, there's…

7. Fő tér


Fő tér, Kezthely's colourful main square, received a facelift in 2012 – the result is a traffic-free, pedestrian-friendly expanse of white cobblestone…

8. Nostalgia Museum

0.11 MILES

This treasure trove of ordinary objects ranging from 1800s antiques to 'retro' items is fun to poke around in, and before you know it, an hour has flown…