Guinean franc (GFr)

French, Malinke, Pulaar (Fula) and Susu


Top ChoiceCultural Centre in Conakry

Centre d'Art Acrobatique Keita Fodeba

The Centre d'Art Acrobatique Keita Fodeba is perhaps the single most amazing experience in Guinea. Every weekday morning scores of acrobats spin, twirl and flip through routines that have made them the envy of...

Wildlife Reserve in Parc National du Haut Niger

Centre de Conservation pour Chimpanzés

The one place in the Parc National du Haut Niger that you are guaranteed to see large mammals is the Centre de Conservation pour Chimpanzés. This is a French-run project in which chimpanzees rescued from the...

National Park in Guinea

Parc National du Haut Niger

Covering some 1200 sq km, the Parc National de Haut Niger is one of West Africa's last significant stands of tropical dry forest and one of the most important protected areas in Guinea. The forest, which is pock...

Waterfall in Pita

Chutes de Kambadaga

The chutes de Kambadaga, around 35km west of Pita, make for a brilliant day out. The waterfalls crash over three separate falls and they're surrounded by jungle where monkeys and a wealth of colourful birds are...

Arts Centre in N’zérékoré

Centre d'Exposition Artisanal de N'zérékoré

This modern and impressive arts and handicrafts centre allows you to watch craftspeople carving, weaving, hammering and stitching dyed mudcloth, wooden carvings and raffia bags, among other things. If you're...

Gardens in Dalaba

Jardins Auguste Chevalier

Established by a French botanist in 1908 to discover what European and Asian plants would flourish in Guinea, the Jardins Auguste Chevalier offer an enjoyable place to unwind in the shade of huge century-old oaks...

Waterfall in Dalaba

Chutes de Ditinn

One of Guinea's tallest – and certainly one of its most beautiful – waterfalls takes a 120m drop straight down off a cliff. Ditinn village is 35km from Dalaba and the falls are 5km further on from the village (a...

Cemetery in Conakry

Cimetière de Boulbinet

The shady Cimetière de Boulbinet reveals something of the harshness of life for the European colonialists who came to this humid and once mosquito-infested corner of Africa. Very few of the cemetery occupants...

Waterfall in Labé

Chutes de Saala

One of the most enjoyable excursions from Labé is to the impressive Chutes de Saala, where water cascades down a series of step-like falls in a pretty forest location. The falls are just outside the village of...

Historic Building in Dalaba

Villa Sili

The old French governor's residence, Villa Sili (1936), which was for many years almost on the verge of collapse, has been recently renovated and is a fun place to explore. Look out for the horse statues in the...

Arts Centre in Labé

Maison des Artisans

An interesting place to both buy and watch locally made crafts such as indigo cloth and leather sandals is at the Maison des Artisans. The staff will happily tell you all about the role of different crafts in the...

Historic Building in Dalaba

Case à Palabres

The Case à Palabres is an impressively large meeting hall that was once used by village elders. It has been recently renovated and its beautiful Fula bas-relief wall murals have been brought back to vivid life....

Museum in Conakry

Musée National

The Musée National has a modest collection of masks, statues and musical instruments, many of which are used in religious or mystical ceremonies.

Museum in Kissidougou

Musée Préfectoral de Kissidougou

The town's small museum, which is opposite the police station, has some wonderful, if dusty, masks and other spiritual and magical objects related to the local animist traditions and cultures. The limited signage...

Waterfall in Pita

Chutes du Kinkon

Pita's major attraction, the tall, narrow Chutes du Kinkon, is close to a large hydroelectric plant but this doesn't detract from its beauty. To get to the falls take the main road north out of town for a...

Museum in Labé

Petit Musée du Fouta Djallon

The Petit Musée du Fouta Djallon is a quiet spot, where you learn about the region's unique Fula culture. Many of the items are displayed in small tableaux, which makes it all a bit more interesting. If the...

Arts Centre in Dalaba

Cooperative des Cordonniers

This small cooperative of artisans is one of the best places in Guinea to watch high-quality leather goods such as sandals, wallets and bags being made. And yes, you can add to your baggage by buying a few items.

Market in Labé

Marché Central

The bustling central market is worth a poke about. Among the piles of tomatoes, rice and random bits of meat you might find bottles of cure-all traditional medicine and even potions to keep away evil spirits.

Park in Conakry

Jardin 2 Octobre

Jardin 2 Octobre is a large park that contains a well-maintained children's playground. For those without little people in tow it's a calm break from the hectic city beyond.

Forest in Macenta & Forêt Classée de Ziama

Forêt Classée de Ziama

Around an hour's drive south of Macenta is the 116,000-acre Forêt Classée de Ziama, a disturbed but still beautiful stretch of rainforest. The forest is home to buffalo and plenty of birds and monkeys. People...