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The island has a fascinating history of mineral extraction dating from the Neolithic period when obsidian was exported to the Minoan world of Crete. Today Milos is the biggest bentonite and perlite centre in the EU.

A substantial western chunk of Milos (and part of the east coast) is off-limits to rental vehicles due bad roads and a proliferation of the Milos viper, but the beaches are reachable by boat tour.

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Milos Sailing Tour with Snorkeling

ItineraryThis is a typical itinerary for this productStop At: PoliegosThe majestic island of Poliegos is a unique experience!Duration: 45 minutesStop At: Kleftiko BeachThe amazing old pirate bay is here for you!Duration: 2 hours

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Best of Milos Small Group Island Tour

A special full day tour to discover the incredible volcanic island of Milos. First stop the cave of Papafragkas, a cluster of deep-sea inlets and sea caves. We will wonder for a short while at this picturesque location.Located next to Papafragkas cave is Filakopi was a settlement dating back to the Neolithic Period (approximately 9000 to 4000 BC) and remained an active settlement until 1000 BC. From Papafragkas we can witness the remains of the walls of the city (only standing remains of the city at this point). The tour does NOT enter the archeological site.We will continue, towards volcanic Sarakiniko. This beautiful, moon-like spot is one of the island’s many geological wonders and perhaps one of the most photographed places in the Cyclades. We’ll take a walk down the beach so you can experience this one-of-a-kind location and take photographs.Next stop Plaka and its cobble streets and alleys. Plaka is a classic Cycladic village with white stone houses and bougainvillea flowers, locted at a hilltop. We’ll walk through the village to admire its traditional architecture and its stunning view of the sea, and we’ll taste some homemade sweets at the village’s local pastry shops (not included). Following, the Christian catacombs which are the largest in Greece and the ruins of ancient city of Klima. Close to the catacombs is the marble amphitheater. There are still seven intact seat rows and there is a lovely view of the bay. On the way to the theater from the Catacombs, we shall also visit the site where Venus de Milo was discovered in 1820 (now residing in the Louvre in Paris).The tour will enter the catacombs (15mins visit).The port of the ancient city of Milos, is now the fish village of Klima, which is our next stop. The houses there are called “Syrma”. The colorful doors and the sea create a picture that summarizes the essence of a Greek island!After the interesting sightseeing is the time to indulge a cool swim and drinks in the crystal waters of Palaiochori or Provatas beach. Each beach offers changing facilities, beach bars, restaurants. There is free time for swimming and sunbathing.Please take note:- We provide with a 500ml bottle of water, in case of a warm day we can provide one more, during stops you can purchase extra day from shops/cantins during the visits- We also provide one sandwich (cheese, tomato, ham) per person- Lunch during swim stop is not included in price. Alternative you can bring your own provisions.- The cost does not include entransee fees to the Catacombs (4euros per adult, 2euros for 65+ and students)- In order to access the Catacombs you need to walk down (and up on the return) 84 steps. No shade during the descent/ascent. -The itinerary can change at the discretion of the guide to ensure the best possible experience of the visitors.

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Milos Sailing Tour with Lunch

Departure around 09:30 from Adamas port. Sailing across the coastline, leaving behind us Milos bay, we pass by the traditional fishing villages of Skinopi, Klima, Areti and Fourkovouni with the colorful little houses -called "sirmata"- built by the sea side. Then we will visit Arkoudes, a complex of lava rocks, which takes its name by its characteristic shape; the form of a bear. Opening the sails we are heading to the impressive cape Vani. Around 10:30 we arrive to the natural bay of Kalogries, which is ideal for diving from the yacht in the transparent turquoise waters. You can also enjoy beverages and little snacks. Departure around 11:30. Heading to Kleftiko, we are fishing in the traditional way, admiring at the same time the amazing landscape of rocky formations created by the volcanic lava on the west coastline. Around 12:30 we arrive at the hideout of the pirates, where you can enjoy swimming or taking underwater pictures. A fresh fruit salad awaits on the yacht. We depart around 13:45 for the cave of Sikia. We can swim to the beach using flippers and masks or we can use the tender. If the weather allows, we will enjoy a tasteful lunch on board or at the beach. We depart around 19:45 to enjoy the sunset on board
 and taste the famous home made ice-cream by "Aggeliki". Back to Adamas port around 20.00.The program is subject to amendment depending on weather conditions and at the discretion of the captain.

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Milos Sailing Tour with snorkeling and lunch

You will depart from the picturesque fishermen village of Pollonia to embark on an impressive excursion full of images and unique landscapes and you will explore some of the most beautiful landscapes of the Mediterranean Sea. Your first stop will be in the biggest uninhabited island of the Mediterranean, Polyegos, with its characteristic geomorphology, its stalagmite-like rocks and its beaches with azure, deep blue, turquoise and green and blue waters that will excite you. You will swim in the famous beach of Polyegos “The Blue Waters-the Myrsini Bay”, an international destination for yachts and sailing boats.Next stop: the magical landscape of The Sulphur Mines, old sulphur extraction mines that wait for you to explore them. This location is ideal for photo safari and swimming.We will continue sailing along the east and south side of Milos and stop for swimming in the beach of Fyrligos, with its colourful rocks, or in the beach of Gerakas, the beach with the impressive sand slides and blue waters.Next stop: the amazing site of Kleftiko, the famous pirate haven with its countless caves and imposing white rocks. Here we will go on sea explorations, snorkeling safari tour (using equipment that we provide) and we will swim along with you, so as to show you the mesmerizing underwater environment of Kleftiko, with all its secret passageways. During our explorations we bring along an underwater camera to caption these memorable moments. There will be more exploring in all of the caves is Kleftiko, with the tender boat that we use for photoshooting and videotaping.When we return, a rich meal that has just been prepared in the boat’s kitchen awaits you. We will enjoy our meal along with the view of the beautiful Kleftiko and we will relax.Our day will come to an end enjoying the unique sunset on board with its special colour hues, in the horizon ahead of us and possibly with another chance for swimming into one of Milos's magical beaches , towards Pollonia. 

$138.25 Day Trips & Excursions

Sunset (short cruise)

Departure at 16:00 p.m from the moorage of Provatas. Majestic sunset and return to Adamas port. Our meeting point is at Adamas port at 15:30 p.m, there follows your transfer to the moorage of Provatas for the embarkation to our catamaran. Sailing at the across the coastline of the south part of Milos, you will notice and admire the majestic rocky formations of the volcanic lava! There are some impressive beaches there such as (Psathadika and Gerontas)! Our first stop for swimming is at Kleftiko the famous old pirate bay, there you will enjoy the amazing green waters and you will have the opportunity to explore the caves. It follow the stunning cave of Sykia! On for you there is a delicious fruit salad and cold glass of Sangria! We continue our cruise at the picturesque west side of the island. The characteristic famous spot here is the cape Vani. Specifically, cape Vani is an old manganese mine with impressive rocks. You are in of the most natural bay of Mediterranean sea, enjoy it! Now, it follows the unique, traditional fishing villages with the colorful little houses which called “Sirmata”, Fourkovouni, Areti, Klima, Skinopi. Final stop our disembarkation at Adamas port.  The program is subject to amendment depending on weather conditions and at the discretion of the captain.

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Milos Half Day Cruise with Lunch

Departure from Adamas port at 09:15 a.m and we return at 15:15 p.m at the moorage of Provatas. Sailing across the coastline, leaving behind us Milos bay, we pass by the traditional fishing villages of Skinopi, Klima, Areti and Fourkovouni with the impressive colorful little houses which called “Sirmata”. Then we will enjoy Arkoudes, a complex of lava rocks, which takes its name by its characteristic shape, the for of a bear. We open the sails for stunning Vani cape. Vani cape is an old manganese mine with really breathtaking rocks! Now, we are sailing at the west coastline of Milos, we are going to see the beautiful beaches of (Kalogries, Agathia, Triades, Amoudaraki and Agios Ioannis). During our cruise you will admire the impressive rocky formations of the volcanic lava, until we arrive to the unique sea cave of Milos which called Sykia! Of course there you will enjoy our first swimming in the transparent water, afterwards by using the snorkeling equipment we are going to swim until the beach. On board a delicious fruit salad will be there for you! We continue to sail at the west part of Milos now we are heading Kleftikos the famous old pirate bay! There you will enjoy the majestic sea, you will explore the numerous sea caves and you will take underwater photos! Afterwards, it time of relaxation on the catamaran. Also, we are going to serve you delicious little snacks! Now we are t the south part of the island, you will see the beautiful beaches of (Gerontas, Psathadika) ‘till we arrive at the moorage of Provatas is one of the most picturesque locations of the island. there is your disembarkation.The program is subject to amendment depending on weather conditions and at the discretion of the captain.