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$71.19 Cultural & Theme Tours

Athens Small-Group Historical Walking Tour with Acropolis Walk

Meet your local guide in Syntagma Square. Flanked by stately neoclassical buildings — the best known of which is the Grande Bretagne, a palace-turned-luxury hotel frequented by the rich and famous — it’s Athens’ busiest and arguably most important square.Outside the Greek Parliament and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, see the eye-catching evzones (presidential guard) perform the Changing of the Guard ceremony. Snap photos of the guards in their traditional white skirts and striking red hats, and listen as your guide explains the tradition and importance behind the pomp and pageantry.Next, catch the metro to the Acropolis of Athens, the UNESCO World Heritage–listed citadel that towers over the Greek capital. During the ride, catch glimpses of the exposed ancient ruins that were discovered during the construction of the underground train system.Walk around the ancient walls of the Acropolis with your guide, passing the Ancient Agora of Athens, the former civic center and marketplace of the ancient city. Stroll along ancient roads, admire modern architecture sitting alongside timeworn ruins, and hear about the age-old customs that still exist today.Continue to Plaka, the city’s Old Town. Stroll along the bustling streets lined with boutiques and Byzantine churches, and shop for local produce like ouzo (local liquor), olive oil and leather goods with help from your guide.Pass by iconic sights like Hadrian’s Arch and the ruined Temple of Olympian Zeus (Olympieion) on route to the National Gardens, where you’ll see the white marble Panathenaic Stadium, the site of the very first Modern Olympic Games. Then, get a taste of modern Athens in Kolonaki, a chic neighborhood and upmarket shopping hub near Lykabettus Hill.Your tour concludes by the Academy of Athens, leaving you free to continue your sightseeing independently should you wish.

$87.53 Private & Custom Tours

Athens Half Day Private Tour

Our half-day tour in Athens will give you an overview of the modern city of Athens, and an insight to the ancient monuments and sites that have made Athens known all over the world. If you are first-time visitor of Athens, this tour will help you in orientation and a possible plan you want to make for the remaining days. Athens is a balanced mixture of ancient and modern characteristics, reflected in each and every corner of the city. The famous Acropolis of Athens: The highlight of this sightseeing tour in Athens is of course the Acropolis, the trademark of the city. The Sacred Rock, the symbol of the Greek culture, features the highest point in town that used to serve as a fortress. The word Acropolis with a capital “A” indicates in all world languages the Acropolis of Athens, the most famous Acropolis, the cradle of Western civilization. Visiting the Acropolis you will have the chance to pass through the Propylaea, admire the Erechtheum, and the Caryatids, while watching the city spreading in front of your feet, allowing your eyes to wander from the distant mountains to the blue waters of Piraeus harbor. The most important monument of Athens dominates the Acropolis: The Parthenon of Athens, the most perfect example of classical architecture in the world, was designed as a shrine to Goddess Athena, the patron God of the city, and used to house a massive gold and ivory statue of the Goddess of Wisdom. After the visit to the Acropolis, the sightseeing tour in Athens continues with a drive to the most important parts of the city. You will pass by the Tomb of Unknown Soldier and the Parliament on Syntagma (Constitution) Square, and you will see Hadrian’s Arch. Soon afterwards, the tour will bring you to the Panathenian Stadium where the first modern Olympic Games took place, in 1896. And then you will see many government buildings, the Presidential Palace ( ex-Royal Palace) and elegant houses built on streets half covered by sour orange trees. Close by you will also drive down the Panepistimiou Avenue where you can see the Catholic Church of Athens, and pass by the Academy, the University of Athens and the National Library. *Our English-speaking tour driver has good knowledge of history and culture of Greece and will guide you till you enter sites. Please note that tour drivers cannot escort you inside the archaeological sites and museums.

$232.24 Shore Excursions

Highlights of Athens Half-Day Tour with Transfers

This 4h private classic tour, is designed mainly for those visitors embarking or disembarking from a cruise ship at the port of Piraeus, without excluding anyone else! Itinerary of our private embark / disembark tourDuring the tour you will see: Ancient Agora – Hadrian’s library – Monasti - Royal HouseDuring the tour you will visit: Piraeus Port – The Acropolis – the Parthenon – Erechthion – Temple of Athens Niki – Plaka –Temple of Zeus – Hadrian’s Arch – the Parliament – monument of the Unknown Soldier – Panathenian Stadium – ex Royal House – Kolonaki – Lycabettus Hill The tour starts upon your arrival at the disembarkation pier at the port of Piraeus. You can join either a 4, 11 or 15 seater private vehicle, depending on the size of your group. After a short drive of through the picturesque quarters of the town we will be reaching the city center. The tour basically starts from the Acropolis, which is by default the highlight of the city. It is considered an architectural masterpiece of the 5th century BC and one of the most important sites in the world. During the visit to the Acropolis you can see the Propylaea, the Erectheum, the Temple of Athena Nike (Victor) and the Parthenon which will definitely awe you. The Temples of the Acropolis are dedicated to Goddess Athena who is also the Patron Goddess of the city, and of course Zeus, who was the father of all Gods. After the Acropolis, the tour will continue towards the Temple of Zeus, which is one of the most imposing temples in Greece; it is also the largest temple of Corinthian style that stands. Almost at the front of the Temple stands the Hadrian’s Arch, which was dedicated by the Athenians to the Roman Emperor Hadrian, separating the old city from the modern.The half day tour to Athens continues with a visit to the famous buildings of the Parliament Building, the Ex Royal Palace, the National Library, the Academy and the University of Athens. You will also have the chance to visit the Temple of Hephaistus in ancient agora,  and the Ancient Agora at the heart of the Athens flea market in Monastiraki. Along the way, you will also see the Panathenaic Stadium, which hosted the first modern Olympic Games in 1896. Today, special events are still held there. The driver will then bring you to the more modern part of the city, towards Kolonaki and the hill of Lycabettus, which is the higher hill in Athens and offers splendid views to the entire city.After the end of the tour in Athens, we will take you to your cruise ship at the Port of Piraeus or to the Athens Airport to catch your flight back home.

$43.76 Cultural & Theme Tours

Modern Politics Private Walking Tour

The implications of the financial crisis for the Greek society and all the Insider’s information that the international media did not reveal.A walk through the center of Athens, perfectly designed in accordance to the modern Greek political and financial scene.The road to the financial crisis and the constant political changes in the country which has suffered a 33% loss of its GDP in peace time in just 5 years.A knowledgeable insider will walk you through the most important landmarks of the demonstrations which have taken place in Athens over the past five years and the indelible marks they have left to the city and the everyday life of the Athenians.The Greek Parliament, Marfin burned bank, Kolonaki area, Exarhia area and the Greek polytechnic school are just some of the places this walking tour will take you through.A tour to help you understand what really happened in Greece and the implications of austerity measures on Greek society.

$29.18 Cultural & Theme Tours

Private Half-Day Tour of the Hidden Views and Gems of Athens

Wander around one of the most alternative neighborhoods of Athens with a private 4 hour tour with your local host Eleni. You will get to visit secret corners, traditional coffee shops, go to the open museum of the Athenian street art and enjoy a spectacular view of authentic places in Athens.You'll meet in front of the Evangelismos Metro Station to begin your tour. You will start by going up the Lycabettus Hill, the highest in the city, and glance at the beautiful views there. Afterwards Eleni will walk you through the Kolonaki neighborhood and reach the historical area of Exarheia, which is full of young professional, cool cafes, bars and restaurants. Leaving Exarheia, you'll get to the National Technical Universtity of Athens, a symbol of the revolt against dictatorship.In the middle of your tour you'll arrive at the central Market of Athens and have some time to browse in the shops. You'll check out the two working class restaurants in the meat market and a secret underground restaurant at the bottom of the vegetable market. Your tour will end with the Flea Market and the Thiseion to Kerameikos ancient cemetery, where Eleni will share with you other great stories about the city.This tour can also be scheduled as a night life tour, so you will have the chance to immerse your self to urban night life of Athens and enjoy the most spectacular sunset from Lycabettus Hill. If there's anything else you'd like to include in the tour, just let Eleni know and she'll create a personalized experience just for you. About Eleni: A native Athenian and a lover of her city, its history and contemporary life. She would love to share stories of her city and traveling experience with you, and of course hear all about your travels.

$17.35 Food, Wine & Nightlife

Greek Olive Oil Small-Group Tasting Experience in Athens

Meet your well-educated escort at their flagship olive oil store at 6:30pm in Kolonaki, central Athens. During this experience, your expert guide will teach you the great history of Greek olive oil. You will taste world-famous Greek olive oil and local traditional products. Take in an interactive, entertaining and educational seminar on the art of selecting, tasting and appreciating extra virgin olive oil and a trip to discovering the secret of the Greek Mediterranean diet, at the world’s first olive oil bar in Athens. Nearly in every Greek dish this highly prized oil is included as the main ingredient offering extra flavor. A bottle of it is also present on the table, inviting guests to pour some on their food just before eating. Greek olive oil is also considered a health cure and essential beauty aid. The oil is used to combat dry skin, control frizzy hair, and even soothe irritated skin. It has also played a key role in the ceremonies of the Greek Orthodox Church throughout the centuries, for example in the baptismal font and on the baptized child, in holy myrrh and during special blessings. Tour ends 40 minutes after it begins, at about 7:10pm, at the store.