Plateia Syntagmatos

Syntagma & Plaka

Generally considered the centre of Athens, this square is a transport hub and general hang-out spot, especially on warm summer evenings when young people and families lounge around the central fountain. Parliament, where the syntagma (constitution) was granted in 1843, is directly across the road, so the square is also the epicentre for any demonstrations or strikes.

Surrounded by high-end hotels and businesses, the square itself has a metro entrance, a couple of cafes and an Athens City Information Kiosk. The western side of the square marks the beginning of one of Athens' main commercial districts, along pedestrianised Ermou.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby Syntagma & Plaka attractions

1. Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

0.08 MILES

In front of Parliament, the traditionally costumed evzones (presidential guards) stand by the tomb and change every hour on the hour. On Sunday at 11am, a…

2. Parliament


Built between 1836 and 1842 by Bavarian architect Friedrich von Gärtner, Greece's Parliament was originally the royal palace. From its balcony, the…

3. Museum of the Bank of Greece

0.15 MILES

This museum covers the general history of money, from ancient times on. There's a token nod to the euro era, but really this place is about that venerable…

4. Numismatic Museum

0.15 MILES

The collection of coins here, dating from ancient through to modern times, is excellent, but of more general interest is the dazzling 1881 mansion in…

5. Church of Sotira Lykodimou

0.16 MILES

First built in the 11th century and now the Russian Orthodox Cathedral, this is the only Byzantine church with an octagonal plan. It's quite small but…

6. National Historical Museum

0.17 MILES

This grand old collection of swords, ship figureheads and portraits of moustachioed generals is a bit short on signage; it's best for people who already…

8. Jewish Museum


This small museum traces the history of the Jewish community in Greece – starting with the deeply rooted Romaniote community established in the 3rd…