Koraï 4

Syntagma & Plaka

When the German military occupied Athens in 1941, it requisitioned the Ethniki Insurance offices and for three years used the two-level basement as holding cells for prisoners, hidden away right in the centre of bustling downtown. The preserved walls of the rooms are scratched and sketched with poignant messages, especially the recurring plea 'I want water'.

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1. National Library

0.08 MILES

One of the neoclassical 'trilogy' of buildings on Panepistimio, the late-19th-century National Library is a dazzling design by Danish architect Theophil…

2. Athens Academy

0.09 MILES

This ornate building, completed in 1885 and modelled on Plato's Academy, is Greece's most prestigious research institution. It was designed by Theophil…

3. Athens University

0.09 MILES

This splendid building was designed by the Danish architect Christian Hansen and completed in 1864. Although the university has expanded massively around…

4. Museum of the City of Athens


Housed in two interconnected buildings, including the palace where King Otto lived between 1830 and 1846, this small museum is not so much about the city…

5. Church of Agii Theodori

0.15 MILES

This 11th-century church is worth a detour just to see it still existing amid all the modern office buildings. Inside, you'll see a tiled dome and, under…

6. National Historical Museum

0.17 MILES

This grand old collection of swords, ship figureheads and portraits of moustachioed generals is a bit short on signage; it's best for people who already…

7. Museum of the Bank of Greece

0.18 MILES

This museum covers the general history of money, from ancient times on. There's a token nod to the euro era, but really this place is about that venerable…

8. Numismatic Museum

0.22 MILES

The collection of coins here, dating from ancient through to modern times, is excellent, but of more general interest is the dazzling 1881 mansion in…