Municipal Gallery of Athens

Gazi, Keramikos & Metaxourgio

This city-run gallery has temporary exhibits, sometimes featuring Greek artists but not always. It's definitely worth a peek as it's set in a grand mansion that's had many incarnations, including as the silk factory for which the neighbourhood of Metaxourgio is named. Danish architect Christian Hansen (brother of Theophil, responsible for the landmark Athens Academy building on Panepistimiou) designed it in 1833.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby Gazi, Keramikos & Metaxourgio attractions

1. Museum of Islamic Art

0.24 MILES

While not particularly large, this museum houses a significant collection of Islamic art. Four floors of a mansion display, in ascending chronological…

2. Dipylon Gate

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Within Kerameikos, the Dipylon Gate, northeast of the Sacred Gate, was the main entrance to the ancient city of Athens, and the point where the…

3. Museum of Traditional Pottery

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If the Kerameikos site sparks your curiosity, head to this small museum around the corner. In a lovely neoclassical building, it's dedicated to the…

4. Praying Hands Mural

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Μanolis Anastasakos and Pavlos Tsakonas, along with students from the Athens School of Fine Arts (ASKT), are responsible for this provocative piece of…

5. Ets Hayim Synagogue

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This compact Romaniote synagogue, built in 1904 and renovated in 2010, is now used only for services on high holidays. The raised main hall is reached via…

6. Alibi

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On a street plastered with street art, Alibi began as a gallery showcasing graffiti artists, and has expanded its mission a bit. Expect odd found-object…

7. Beth Shalom Synagogue

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Athens' main synagogue is a handsome white marble building dating to 1935. Renovated in 1972, it has two stained-glass windows with abstract designs…