Bremen & the East Frisian Coast

This 1926 round house – nicknamed 'the cheese bell' for its shape – built by writer Edwin Koenemann is set in the woods just off of Lindenallee. Today it houses a museum of regional arts and crafts, including furniture designed by Bernhard Hoetger, architect of Bremen's Böttcherstrasse. (Note that admission is not included with the Museum Card.)

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1. Grosse Kunstschau

0.11 MILES

This beautiful brick building designed by Bernhard Hoetger in 1927 houses a permanent exhibition of some of the artists colony's greatest painters, with a…

2. Barkenhoff

0.22 MILES

The creative heart of the Worpswede artists colony was this half-timbered home remodelled in the art nouveau style by its owner, painter and designer…

3. Worpsweder Kunsthalle

0.23 MILES

This art museum right next to the tourist office displays the works of five post-war Worpswede artists: Hans-Georg Rauch, Peter Zimmermann, Heini…

4. Haus im Schluh

0.39 MILES

This handsome, half-timbered thatched-roof house is where artist Heinrich Vogeler's first wife, Martha, moved with their three daughters after the couple…

5. Niedersachsenstein

0.51 MILES

A highlight of a visit to Worpswede is the stroll to the 55m-tall Weyerberg dune, less than a kilometre from the centre, where you find the…

6. Worpsweder Bahnhof


This Art Nouveau former railway station (1910) designed by artist and architect Heinrich Vogeler is heritage-listed for both its exterior and its…

7. Universum Science Centre


Bremen has a strong aerospace industry, and space buffs will enjoy the eye-catching, oyster-shaped Universum Science Centre, where you can make virtual…

8. Botanika

8.91 MILES

If you’re a plant lover, don’t miss a trip to Botanika and its replicated Asiatic landscapes ranging from the Himalayas to New Guinea. Admission to the…