Worpsweder Bahnhof

Bremen & the East Frisian Coast

This Art Nouveau former railway station (1910) designed by artist and architect Heinrich Vogeler is heritage-listed for both its exterior and its Jugendstil (German Art Nouveau) interiors. Today, only the infrequent Moor Express from Bremen stops here. A restaurant inside serves German specialities for lunch and dinner (mains €11 to €19).

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1. Worpsweder Kunsthalle

0.56 MILES

This art museum right next to the tourist office displays the works of five post-war Worpswede artists: Hans-Georg Rauch, Peter Zimmermann, Heini…

2. Grosse Kunstschau


This beautiful brick building designed by Bernhard Hoetger in 1927 houses a permanent exhibition of some of the artists colony's greatest painters, with a…

3. Haus im Schluh

0.76 MILES

This handsome, half-timbered thatched-roof house is where artist Heinrich Vogeler's first wife, Martha, moved with their three daughters after the couple…

4. Käseglocke


This 1926 round house – nicknamed 'the cheese bell' for its shape – built by writer Edwin Koenemann is set in the woods just off of Lindenallee. Today it…

5. Niedersachsenstein

0.87 MILES

A highlight of a visit to Worpswede is the stroll to the 55m-tall Weyerberg dune, less than a kilometre from the centre, where you find the…

6. Barkenhoff

1.01 MILES

The creative heart of the Worpswede artists colony was this half-timbered home remodelled in the art nouveau style by its owner, painter and designer…

7. Universum Science Centre

8.79 MILES

Bremen has a strong aerospace industry, and space buffs will enjoy the eye-catching, oyster-shaped Universum Science Centre, where you can make virtual…

8. Botanika

9.35 MILES

If you’re a plant lover, don’t miss a trip to Botanika and its replicated Asiatic landscapes ranging from the Himalayas to New Guinea. Admission to the…