Klimahaus Bremerhaven 8° Ost

Top choice in Bremen & the East Frisian Coast

This shiny, space-age museum offers a journey around the world along the longitudinal meridian 8° east, through climate zones in Switzerland, Italy, Niger, Cameroon, Antarctica, Samoa, Alaska and Germany. The educational displays are aimed at kids but are adult-friendly, too. Temperatures soar and plummet accordingly, so along with sensible shoes to scale Swiss mountains and cross African rope bridges, bring a light jacket. Allow at least three hours to get the most from the experience.

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1. Aussichts Platform

0.04 MILES

Atop the Sail City hotel, this 86m-high two-floor outdoor observation deck affords 360-degree views of Bremerhaven, the Weser, the North Sea and miles…

2. Deutsches Auswandererhaus

0.13 MILES

This spectacular museum stands on the spot where more than 7.2 million emigrants set sail for the US, South America and Australia between 1830 and 1942,…

3. Technikmuseum U-Boot Wilhelm Bauer

0.18 MILES

An innovative diesel-electric submarine built in early 1945 as part of the Nazi war machine, this Unterseeboot never saw combat action and was scuttled at…

4. Zoo am Meer


The Zoo am Meer isn’t spectacular on the face of things, but it enthrals kids, partly because the enclosures are cleverly built into one big artificial …

5. Deutsches Schiffahrtsmuseum

0.25 MILES

There are three floors of maritime exhibits here but the highlight is the reconstructed Bremer Hansekogge, a merchant boat from 1380 discovered during…

6. Kunstmuseum & Kunsthalle Bremerhaven

0.35 MILES

The permanent exhibition of paintings in the Kunstmuseum focuses on Weser artists; changing exhibitions are staged in the adjacent Kunsthalle. Located…

7. Historisches Museum Bremerhaven

0.56 MILES

Displays exhibits on the history and development of Bremerhaven and the region, as well as temporary shows. An online emigration database (www.dad…

8. Schaufenster Fischereihafen


Situated a few kilometres south of Bremerhaven’s train station, this so-called ‘shop window to the fishing harbour’ is a former fish-packaging hall that's…