Schloss Museum Jever

Bremen & the East Frisian Coast

An onion-shaped dome is (literally) the crowning feature of Jever’s 14th-century Schloss (palace). The town’s 18th-century Russian rulers added it to the palace built by Fräulein Maria’s grandfather, chieftain Edo Wiemken the Elder. Today it houses the Kulturhistorische Museum des Jeverlandes, with objects chronicling the daily life and craft of the Frieslanders, and a series of re-created period rooms. The pièce de résistance is the magnificent audience hall from 1560, with an intricately carved, coffered oak ceiling and leather wallpaper.

In high season, you can climb the 105 steps of the 67m-high tower (11am to 5pm April to October) for panoramic views of the East Frisian coastal landscape. The moat-encircled castle grounds (free, 7am to dusk) are planted with flowers and populated by ducks, geese and shrieking peacocks; it's a lovely place for a stroll.

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