Bremen City

If you’re a plant lover, don’t miss a trip to Botanika and its replicated Asiatic landscapes ranging from the Himalayas to New Guinea. Admission to the rhododendron park, where you'll find more than 2000 rhododendron and azaleas, is free. Take the tram from Hauptbahnhof and then transfer to the bus.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby Bremen City attractions

1. Universum Science Centre

1.92 MILES

Bremen has a strong aerospace industry, and space buffs will enjoy the eye-catching, oyster-shaped Universum Science Centre, where you can make virtual…

2. Wuseum

2.67 MILES

The football faithful will delight in this sports museum covering the history of the Werder Bremen team's past 100-plus years, with multimedia exhibits…

3. Übersee Museum

3.14 MILES

A treasure trove of objects from around the globe, organised by continent around two large, sunny atriums. There's everything from a Mongolian yurt and a…

4. Wilhelm Wagenfeld Haus

3.21 MILES

Wilhelm Wagenfeld (1900–90) was a Bauhaus luminary whose foundation today promotes contemporary design in its many facets and forms in special exhibitions…

5. Gerhard Marcks Haus

3.23 MILES

Among Germany’s greatest sculptors, Gerhard Marcks (1889–1981) is the man responsible for Bremen’s famous Stadtmusikanten sculpture on Markt. Born in…

6. Kunsthalle

3.26 MILES

For art lovers, the highlight of Bremen’s Kulturmeile (Cultural Mile) is the Kunsthalle, which presents a large permanent collection of paintings,…

7. Mühle am Wall

3.35 MILES

The city’s typical Dutch windmill adds a rural flavour to the parkland tracing the part of town where Bremen’s city fortifications once were. It houses a…

8. Dom St Petri

3.38 MILES

Bremen’s Protestant main church has origins in the 8th century, though its ribbed vaulting, chapels and two high towers date from the 13th century. Aside…