Schloss Wernigerode

Top choice in Harz Mountains

Originally built in the 12th century to protect German Kaisers on hunting expeditions, Schloss Wernigerode was enlarged over the years to reflect late-Gothic and Renaissance tastes. The castle's fairy-tale facade came courtesy of Count Otto of Stolberg-Wernigerode in the 19th century. The museum inside includes portraits of Kaisers, beautiful panelled rooms with original furnishings, the opulent Festsaal (banquet hall) and stunning Schlosskirche (1880), with its altar and pulpit made of French marble.

You can walk (1.5km) or take a Bimmelbahn wagon ride (return adult/concession €5/2) from Marktstrasse. In summer, horse-drawn carts make the trek from Marktplatz.

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