National Park Harz.

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Harz National Park

Harz Mountains

Covering a total land mass of 24,700 hectares, Harz National Park is the first national park in Germany to occupy land in two states: Lower Saxony to the west and Saxony-Anhalt to the east. Of its low-altitude uplands, the Brocken (1142m) is its highest peak. The park's unique microclimates give rise to a range of distinct vegetation zones, affording the visitor some spectacular landscapes, easily appreciated by hiking, biking or cross-country skiing on the park's comprehensive network of well-maintained trails.

Visitor centres are plentiful: you'll find one in most of the towns and villages around the park.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby Harz Mountains attractions

1. Brockenhaus

8.31 MILES

The Brockenhaus, at the summit of the Brocken, has a cafe, interactive displays and a viewing platform. From May to October, rangers conduct one-hour…

2. Grosser Burgberg

11.53 MILES

It takes just over half an hour to walk from town, or a zippy three-minute ride on the Burgberg-Seilbahn, to reach the top of this humble peak (483m),…

3. Rammelsberg Museum & Besucherbergwerk

12.35 MILES

The shafts and buildings of this 1000-year-old mine are now a museum and Unesco World Heritage Site. Admission to the mine includes a German-language tour…

4. Museum im Zwinger

13.22 MILES

A 16th-century tower holding a collection of such late-medieval delights as torture implements, coats of armour and weapons used during the Peasant Wars.

5. Kaiserpfalz

13.28 MILES

This reconstructed 11th-century Romanesque palace is Goslar’s pride and joy. After centuries of decay, the building was resurrected in the 19th century…

6. Domvorhalle

13.28 MILES

The Domvorhalle is all that remains of the once-magnificent St Simon and St Jude Cathedral. Within it you can see the 11th-century Kaiserstuhl, the throne…

7. Zinnfiguren-Museum

13.36 MILES

This beautifully presented little museum boasts a colourful collection of painted pewter figures and depicts scenes of daily life in Goslar from the…

8. Goslarer Museum

13.36 MILES

This museum offers a good overview of the natural and cultural history of Goslar and the Harz. One room contains the treasures from the former Goslar Dom …