Harz Mountains

Wernigerode's spectacular towered Rathaus (town hall) began life as a theatre around 1277, only to be given its mostly late-Gothic features, which loom over the town square, in the 16th century. The artisan who carved its 33 wooden figures is said to have fallen foul of the authorities. If you peer closely you can see a few of his mocking touches (hint: look for the positioning of the hands).

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1. Marktplatz

0.03 MILES

Wernigerode's magnificent Marktplatz is presided over by its towering Rathaus. In the middle of the square, a neo-Gothic fountain (1848) was dedicated to…

2. Breite Strasse

0.04 MILES

Wernigerode's main thoroughfare, Breite Strasse, accommodates the pretty Cafe Wien building (1583) at No. 4, today a dignified cafe and worthwhile…

3. Harzmuseum Wernigerode

0.05 MILES

This delightfully crooked little local-history museum has a neat collection of exhibits on geology, town history and half-timbered houses.

4. Oberpfarrkirchhof

0.06 MILES

Oberpfarrkirchhof surrounds the Gothic- and later, neo-Gothic–styled Sylvestrikirche. Here you’ll also find the Gadenstedtsches Haus (1582) with its…

5. Schloss Wernigerode

0.48 MILES

Originally built in the 12th century to protect German Kaisers on hunting expeditions, Schloss Wernigerode was enlarged over the years to reflect late…

6. Brockenhaus


The Brockenhaus, at the summit of the Brocken, has a cafe, interactive displays and a viewing platform. From May to October, rangers conduct one-hour…

7. Grosser Burgberg

9.65 MILES

It takes just over half an hour to walk from town, or a zippy three-minute ride on the Burgberg-Seilbahn, to reach the top of this humble peak (483m),…

8. Rosstrappe

11.84 MILES

Lovely views await at the top of Rosstrappe peak, which takes its name from what is supposedly a horse’s hoof print, visible in stone on the cliff, left…