Spandovia Sacra

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Originally built in the Middle Ages and since modified, this building is home to a small exhibition about the Reformation with a focus on Brandenburg and Spandau, where elector Joachim II introduced the Luther-style service in 1539. The changing exhibits use books, paintings, documents, chalices and other religious objects to open a window on the past.

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1. Nikolaikirche

0.04 MILES

The Gothic Church of St Nicholas is famous for hosting Brandenburg’s first public Lutheran-style worship service back in 1539, under elector Joachim II…

2. Gotisches Haus

0.08 MILES

Whoever built the Gothic House in the 15th century must have been flush with cash; it’s made of stone, not wood as was customary in those times. The well…

3. St Marien am Behnitz


This modest house of worship was the first Catholic church in Brandenburg, built in the 1720s under 'Soldier King' Friedrich I as an incentive for…

4. Kolk

0.11 MILES

Separated from the Altstadt by the busy Strasse am Juliusturm, the Kolk quarter was the site of Spandau’s first settlement. It exudes a medieval-village…

5. Zitadelle Spandau


The 16th-century Spandau Citadel, on a little island in the Havel River, is considered one of the world’s best-preserved Renaissance fortresses. With its…

6. Glockenturm

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For a striking perspective of Berlin’s Olympiastadion (Olympic Stadium), take the lift up to the outdoor observation platform of this 77m-high bell tower,…

7. Olympiastadion

2.27 MILES

Built for the 1936 Olympic Games, Berlin’s coliseum-style Olympiastadion was completely revamped for the 2006 FIFA World Cup and now sports a spidery oval…

8. Georg Kolbe Museum

2.88 MILES

Georg Kolbe (1877–1947) was one of Germany's most influential early 20th-century sculptors and a member of the Berlin Secession. He distanced himself from…