Städtisches Museum

Lower Saxony & Bremen

Braunschweig's municipal museum is set in a beautiful 1906 building and holds a large and varied collection, with medieval religious art; arts and crafts such as faience, porcelain, silver and lacquerware; art and artefacts from Native Americans (including some rare pieces from the 18th century) and various peoples of Polynesia, Indonesia and Africa; and a large collection of historical musical instruments dating back to the 1600s, courtesy of Theodor Steinweg (whose father founded Steinway Pianos).

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1. Magniviertel

0.15 MILES

This little area is known for its handsome, half-timbered houses, especially in the streets just around the St Magni church. With a variety of shops,…

2. Herzog Anton Ulrich Museum

0.17 MILES

One of Europe's oldest museums, the Anton Ulrich has a world-class art collection, with about 1400 paintings, several hundred bronze and stone sculptures,…

3. Schlossmuseum

0.25 MILES

An impressive reconstruction using original elements of Braunschweig's Ducal Palace, which was badly damaged in WWII and demolished in 1960. Its palace…

4. Dom St Blasii


The tomb of Heinrich der Löwe, the powerful duke who made Braunschweig his capital in the 12th century, lies alongside that of his wife Mathilde in the…

5. Burg Dankwarderode


This former castle of Duke Heinrich der Löwe now has a large ground-floor room housing the medieval collection of the Herzog Anton Ulrich Museum. Objects…

6. Braunschweiger Löwe

0.41 MILES

The Brunswick lion statue is based on the original lion Duke Heinrich der Löwe (Henry the Lion) ordered to be made in 1166 as a symbol of his power and…

7. Landesmuseum

0.44 MILES

This chronologically ordered museum features engaging exhibits, starting with a large Foucault pendulum illustrating the principle of the earth’s rotation…

8. Altstadtmarkt

0.61 MILES

The Altstadtmarkt is an appealing square in the western part of the Altstadt. Look for the step-gabled Renaissance Gewandhaus (built 1303, though the…