Wolfsburg's original Volkswagen Museum has that 'old car' smell and more automobiles than you can shake a gearstick at. The collection includes 'Herbie' from The Love Bug movies, a Beetle built from wood and another one covered with wicker, the original 1938 Cabriolet presented to Adolf Hitler on his 50th birthday, and the bizarre ‘See-Golf’, a Golf Cabriolet from 1983 with hydraulic pontoons that extend outwards to make it amphibious.

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1. Autostadt


A hit with car buffs of all ages, Autostadt is a celebration of all things automobile, spread across 25 hectares. A visit to this theme park and museum…

2. Phaeno

0.79 MILES

The glass-and-concrete building that houses this brilliant and engaging science centre was designed by the late British-Iraqi architect Dame Zaha Hadid…

3. Kunstmuseum

1.17 MILES

Wolfsburg’s excellent art gallery stages temporary exhibitions of modern and contemporary art, featuring international artists such as Fernand Léger, Andy…

4. Planetarium Wolfsburg

1.36 MILES

Built in 1982 after VW bartered Golfs for Zeiss projectors from the GDR, this planetarium stages laser and rock shows (such as a tribute to the band Queen…

5. Herzog Anton Ulrich Museum

16.28 MILES

One of Europe's oldest museums, the Anton Ulrich has a world-class art collection, with about 1400 paintings, several hundred bronze and stone sculptures,…

6. Schlossmuseum

16.43 MILES

An impressive reconstruction using original elements of Braunschweig's Ducal Palace, which was badly damaged in WWII and demolished in 1960. Its palace…

7. Städtisches Museum

16.43 MILES

Braunschweig's municipal museum is set in a beautiful 1906 building and holds a large and varied collection, with medieval religious art; arts and crafts…

8. Burg Dankwarderode

16.49 MILES

This former castle of Duke Heinrich der Löwe now has a large ground-floor room housing the medieval collection of the Herzog Anton Ulrich Museum. Objects…