Berlin skyline before sunrise
Cityscape Berlin, Germany, Europe - stock photo

Funkturm is pictured in foreground at center

Achim Thomae/Getty



The filigree Funkturm, next to the trade fairgrounds, soars 129m high (14m with antenna) and looks especially pretty when illuminated at night. From the viewing platform at 126m or the art nouveau–style restaurant at 55m you can enjoy sweeping views of the Grunewald and the western city. The tower has been transmitting signals since 1925 and, 10 years later, broadcast the world’s first regular TV program. Heavy winds make the platform inaccessible. If in doubt, call ahead.

Also visible from above is the AVUS, Germany’s first car-racing track, which opened in 1921; AVUS stands for Automobil-, Verkehrs- und Übungsstrasse (auto, traffic and practice track). The Nazis made it part of the autobahn system, which it still is today.

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