To really slip under Stuttgart’s skin, mosey through one of the city’s lesser-known neighbourhoods. Walk south to Hans-im-Glück Platz, centred on a fountain depicting the caged Grimms' fairy-tale character Lucky Hans, and you’ll soon reach the boho-flavoured Bohnenviertel. A facelift has restored the neighbourhood’s cobbled lanes and gabled houses, which harbour idiosyncratic galleries, workshops, bookshops, wine taverns and cafes.

The villagey atmosphere is a refreshing tonic to the big-city feel of central Stuttgart.

Bohnenviertel was named after beans introduced in the 16th century; back then they were grown everywhere as the staple food of the poor tanners, dyers and craftsmen who lived here.

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Nearby Stuttgart attractions

1. Karlsplatz

0.39 MILES

A bronze equestrian statue of German Emperor Wilhelm I (r 1871-1888) stands proud on Karlsplatz.

2. Neues Schloss

0.45 MILES

Standing proud on stately Schlossplatz, the three-winged Neues Schloss is Duke Karl Eugen von Württemberg’s answer to Versailles. The baroque-neoclassical…

3. Landesmuseum Württemberg

0.47 MILES

An archway leads to the turreted 10th-century Altes Schloss, where this museum features regional archaeology and architecture. The historic booty includes…

4. Landtag

0.48 MILES

One of Oberer Schlossgarten's most eye-catching landmarks is the ultra-modern Landtag, a glass rectangle housing the state parliament.

5. Stiftskirche

0.49 MILES

Topped by two mismatched towers, this largely 15th-century church has Romanesque origins.

6. Schillerplatz

0.51 MILES

Cobbled Schillerplatz is where the poet-dramatist Friedrich Schiller is immortalised in bronze.

7. Oberer Schlossgarten

0.51 MILES

The Oberer Schlossgarten is framed by eye-catching landmarks such as the columned Staatstheater and the ultra-modern, glass-clad Landtag.