Helsinki Art Museum


Inside the Tennispalatsi, Helsinki's contemporary-art museum oversees 9000 works, including 3500 citywide public artworks. The overwhelming majority of its 20th- and 21st-century works are by Finnish artists; it also presents rotating exhibitions by emerging artists. Exhibits change every seven weeks. There's always at least one free exhibition that doesn't require a ticket to the museum's main section.

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1. Tennispalatsi

The 1938-completed Tennispalatsi (Tennis Palace) cultural and recreation centre was intended for the 1940 Summer Olympics, which were subsequently…

2. Luonnontieteellinen Museo


The city’s natural history museum is known for its controversial weathervane of a sperm impregnating an ovum. Modern exhibitions such as Story of the…

3. Kunsthalle Helsinki

0.14 MILES

Housed in a Jugendstil-style building dating back to 1928, Kunsthalle Helsinki hosts up to seven major, mostly contemporary exhibitions every year. Recent…

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6. Amos Rex

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This equestrian statue of Finland's most famous military commander stands next to the Kiasma museum.

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