Manzini Market

eSwatini (Swaziland)

Manzini’s main drawcard is its colourful market, whose upper section is packed with handicrafts from eSwatini and elsewhere in Africa. Thursday morning is a good time to see the rural vendors and Mozambican traders bringing in their handicrafts and textiles to sell to the retailers.

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1. National Museum

11.01 MILES

This museum has some interesting displays of Swazi culture, as well as a traditional beehive village and cattle enclosure, and several of King Sobhuza II…

2. Parliament

11.07 MILES

Opened in 1969 as a post-independence gift from the departing British, this hexagonal building topped with a brass dome is a major landmark in Lobamba. It…

3. King Sobhuza II Memorial Park

11.08 MILES

Across the road from parliament, this memorial was established as a tribute to King Sobhuza II, who led eSwatini to independence from British rule in 1968…

4. Somhlolo National Stadium

11.21 MILES

Built for eSwatini's independence in 1968, the 20,000-capacity national stadium hosts soccer matches, as well as important state occasions, such as…

5. Eludzidzini Royal Residence

11.64 MILES

At the end of a palm-lined avenue south of Lobamba lies Eludzidzini, the queen mother's royal residence. It's not open to the public except during…

6. Mlilwane Wildlife Sanctuary

12.08 MILES

There are many reasons to visit this private reserve – eSwatini’s first protected area: it's quiet, easily accessible and really rather beautiful. Its 46…

8. Sibebe Rock

21.86 MILES

About 8km northeast of Mbabane is Sibebe Rock, a massive granite dome hulking over the surrounding countryside. It's the world's second-largest monolith,…