A white rhino, known as Masalempini, and her calf in Mkhaya Game Reserve.

©Philip Lee Harvey/Lonely Planet

Mkhaya Game Reserve

eSwatini (Swaziland)

Spectacular Mkhaya was established in 1979 to save the pure Nguni breed of cattle from extinction. It’s known, however, for its black and white rhino populations (it boasts that you’re more likely to meet rhinos here than anywhere else in Africa). It's not all about rhinos though – look out for tsessebe (antelope), giraffes, buffaloes, hippo and crocodiles. It’s near the hamlet of Phuzumoya, off the Manzini–Big Bend road.

If you want to visit the reserve you have to book in advance, and even then you can’t drive in alone; you’ll be met at the pick up location at a specified pick-up time – either 10am or 4pm. While day tours can be arranged, it’s ideal to stay for at least one night. Entry fees are included in the package price.

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