First court at Christ's college university of Cambridge, in Cambridge, UK


Christ's College


Christ's College is a venerable institution at more than 500 years old. Its gleaming Great Gate is emblazoned with heraldic carvings of Tudor roses, a portcullis and spotted Beaufort yale (mythical antelope-like creatures). Its founder, Lady Margaret Beaufort, hovers above like a guiding spirit. A stout oak door leads into picturesque First Court, Cambridge's only circular front court. Hunt out the gardens dedicated to alumnus Charles Darwin; they feature plant species brought back from his famous Galapagos voyage.

The Second Court has a gate to the Fellows' Garden (open Monday to Friday only), which contains a mulberry tree under which 17th-century poet John Milton reputedly wrote Lycidas. Other notable alumni include Sacha Baron Cohen (aka Ali G and Borat) and historian Simon Schama.

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