Top choice in Møn, Falster & Lolland

Melding the ideas of contemporary installation art with those of ancient standing stones, this modern henge features six 7m-tall megaliths, each weighing more than 25 tonnes. The stone-tops are being carved into staring human faces (three had been completed at the time of research), and an underground sound system makes them hum as though they were singing to each other. The mystical vibe is compounded by a lonely setting with sweeping views across fields of waving wheat towards a mid-distance seascape.

The site makes an occasional alternative venue for outdoor musical projects. By car there is disabled access from the south via Ravnsby, but it's more interesting to walk (around 1km south) from Kragenæs Havn port via Klinkesov Forest. Get off at Rævegade stop from bus 725 ex-Maribo station (48kr, 36 minutes) or bus 719 from Nakskov. These run hourly on weekdays but just six times daily on Saturdays and Sundays.