Frederiksdal Vineri

Møn, Falster & Lolland

Especially if you're driving to/from the Tårs ferry, consider a 2.3km detour to taste various styles of unusually rich, full-flavoured Kirsebærvin (cherry wines) made on the Frederiksdal Estate. There's no charge and you also get to see the large wooden casks, new stainless-steel fermentation vats, and an unusual array of 25-litre glass vessels in which the unique Rancio wine spends a year enduring all weathers, through sunshine and snow.

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Nearby Møn, Falster & Lolland attractions

1. Reventlow-Museet

9.07 MILES

If you're driving through rural northwest Lolland, the attractive Pederstrup Park is worth a brief detour. Annually changing sculptures front a 200-year…

2. Tickon

9.86 MILES

A unicorn’s horn sprouts in a glade. A river of tree trunks floods down a hillside. A giant basket disgorges a flood of boulders. These and 15 more…

3. Tranekær Slot

9.96 MILES

Site of fortifications since the 13th century, Tranekær Slot has been in the hands of one noble family since 1659. The spired castle is mostly used for…

4. Tranekær Slotsmølle

10.31 MILES

One of the island's many impressive old windmills, the 1834 Slotsmølle contains a little museum and has a simple cafe with coffee and cake for just 25kr.

5. Skovsgaard

12.14 MILES

Spired and moated but more modest than many other publically accessible country manor houses, Skovsgaard is part nature-education centre, part organic…

6. Dodekalitten

12.76 MILES

Melding the ideas of contemporary installation art with those of ancient standing stones, this modern henge features six 7m-tall megaliths, each weighing…

7. Langelandsmuseum

13.14 MILES

Changing exhibitions of local interest are displayed in the former clothing store of a Rudkøbing merchant who spent much of his life collecting an array…

8. Langelandsfort

16.54 MILES

Built in 1952–53, this complex of gun emplacements dug into the Langeland fields was designed to delay an assumed Warsaw Pact invasion if the Cold War…