Timios Stavros

Church in Pitsylia

Built in the 12th century, this Unesco-listed church was originally dome-shaped with a single aisle. In the 13th and 14th centuries it was added to with a tiled roof and cupola-style adornment; only the frescoed apse is original.

The frescos (1178) include a rather oversized Jesus depicted in prayer from the waist up, with the Virgin Mary and John the Baptist, painted as miniatures, flanking him.

Other depictions include the altar and the grail near the small window in the apse and St Stephen on the north side. These latter frescos (painted by the same hand) are considered a preface to the great works found in other Troödos churches, with simple straight lines and shiny earth colours. The rest of the images are from the 14th century, when the church was completely repainted.

The church is at the southern end of the village of Pelendri. If the church is closed (which is likely), ask at any village coffee shop for the whereabouts of the priest.