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Las Tunas Province

Most travelers say hello and goodbye to Las Tunas Province in the time that it takes to drive across it on the Carretera Central – one hour on a good day. But, hang on a second! With laid-back, leather-skinned cowboys and poetic country singers, the province is known for daredevil rodeos and Saturday-night street parties. Here barnstorming entertainment is served up at the drop of a sombrero.

Although historically associated with the Oriente, Las Tunas Province shares many attributes with Camagüey in the west. The flat grassy fields of the interior are punctuated with sugar mills and cattle ranches, while the eco-beaches on the north coast remain wild and lightly touristed by Varadero standards.

In this low-key land of the understated and underrated, accidental visitors can enjoy the small-town charms of the provincial capital, or head north to beaches off the old mill town Puerto Padre where serenity rules.

Top attractions

These are our favorite local haunts, touristy spots, and hidden gems throughout Las Tunas Province.