Colina Lenin

Regla, Guanabacoa & the Forts

From Regla's boat dock, head straight (south) on Martí past Parque Guaicanamar, then turn left on Albuquerque and right on 24 de Febrero, the road to Guanabacoa. About 1.5km from the ferry you'll see a high metal stairway that gives access to Colina Lenin, one of two Havana monuments to Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov (better known to his friends and enemies as Lenin).

The monument was conceived in 1924 by the socialist mayor of Regla, Antonio Bosch, on the occasion of Lenin's death (in the same year). Above a monolithic image of the man is an olive tree planted by Bosch that is surrounded by seven lithe figures. There are fine harbor views from the hilltop.