Croatia in detail


  • To call Croatia from abroad, dial your international access code, then 385 (the country code for Croatia), then the area code (without the initial 0) and the local number.
  • To call from region to region within Croatia, start with the full area code (drop it when dialling within the same code).
  • Phone numbers with the prefix 060 can be either free or charged at a premium rate, so watch out for the fine print.
  • Phone numbers that begin with 09 are mobile-phone numbers. Calls to mobiles are billed at a much higher rate than regular numbers.

Mobile Phones

Users with unlocked phones can buy a local SIM card; they're easy to find. Otherwise, you may be charged roaming rates.

More Information

  • If you have an unlocked 3G phone, you can buy a SIM card for between 20KN and 50KN, which includes 15 to 30 minutes of connection time. You can choose from three network providers: VIP (, Hrvatski Telekom ( and Tele2 (
  • You can also buy a special prepaid SIM starter pack for tourists; these are available during the high season (June to September) for between 50KN and 100KN, with data and/or minutes included.


  • You’ll need a phonecard to use public telephones. Many phone boxes are equipped with a button on the upper left with a flag symbol. Press the button for instructions in English.
  • Phonecards are sold in post offices and newspaper kiosks.
  • You can call from a post office without a phonecard.