Southern Dalmatia

Hidden below high cliffs, Pasjača is one of Dalmatia's most beautiful beaches, with intensely blue and green water lapping at a pebbly shore. It's a little hard to find; head to Popovići and then follow your nose along the narrow village road, keeping an eye out for the few signs pointing the way. From the parking area, a path heads along sheer cliffs and partially through tunnels carved through the rock.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby Southern Dalmatia attractions

1. Sokol Grad

4.96 MILES

Perched atop a 25m-high crag, this fairy-tale castle has a name which literally means 'Falcon Town', and it certainly provides a bird's-eye view of…

2. Baltazar Bogišić Collection

7.04 MILES

The former Rector’s Palace houses the rich library belonging to 19th-century jurist and sociologist Baltazar Bogišić (1834–1908), as well as an…

3. St Nicholas' Church

7.05 MILES

Peek inside this 15th-century church to view its impressive wooden altars and the accomplished Bukovac paintings of the four evangelists on either side of…

4. Bukovac House

7.14 MILES

The house where Cavtat’s most famous son, the painter Vlaho Bukovac (1855–1922), was born and raised has been converted into an interesting little museum…

5. Our-Lady-of-the-Snow Monastery

7.24 MILES

The church attached to this Franciscan Monastery (founded in 1484) is worth a look for some notable early Renaissance paintings and a wonderful Bukovac…

6. Račić Family Mausoleum

7.33 MILES

Built from 1920 to 1921, this octagonal white-stone tomb is the handiwork of preeminent Croatian sculptor Ivan Meštrović. Inside, a heavenly host of…

7. Mirko Komnenović City Museum

11.36 MILES

Apart from the building itself (a fabulous bougainvillea-shrouded baroque palace with sea views), the highlight of this little museum is its impressive…

8. Španjola Fortress

11.65 MILES

Looming over town, Španjola was started and finished by the Turks but named after the Spanish (they had a stint – in 1538 – here as well). Unlike the town…