Vina Carić

Hvar Island

Offers tastings and snacks from its cellar in Vrboska, 5km northwest of Jelsa.

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1. St Lawrence's Church

0.09 MILES

Fifteenth-century St Lawrence's is crammed with valuable art, including what is believed to be a Veronese triptych above the high altar.

2. Our-Lady-of-Mercy Church-Fortress

0.18 MILES

From the outside Our-Lady-of-Mercy is very much a castle, with only the cross and three bells at the top marking it out as a church. It was fortified in…

3. Church of the Assumption


Jelsa's parish church has an elegant baroque facade and a Renaissance bell tower, while inside there are ceiling frescos and an elaborate marble high…

4. Vina Tomić

2.16 MILES

A local winery offering tastings in an atmospheric stone cellar above Mina bay.

5. St Stephen's Church

3.56 MILES

Built in 1605, this large church has a baroque facade and water-damaged paintwork inside in shades of pale green, blue and grey. Note the faux-marble…

7. Tvrdalj

3.69 MILES

This fortified house was built by aristocrat and writer Petar Hektorović (1487–1572) in the 16th century. At its heart is a lovely, lush Renaissance…

8. Dominican Monastery

5.41 MILES

Positioned at the end of a pretty pebbly beach, this monastery was founded in 1475, but it's far from the oldest structure on the site; the little chapel…